Jessie Jackson Jr: “I’m Sorry I Let You Down.”


Politics, Money and Power don’t mix…just my take on all of the stuff coming out of political arenas around the world and y’all don’t have to agree with me, but, look at the statistics of all of the people who have been brought down by wrongdoings in big government and you’ll find these acts are usually centered around money and the power of entitlement that seemingly money yeilds. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not blaming money for the way politicians conduct themselves, because, contrary to popular belief, people, money is not the ‘root’ of all evil, it’s how we as a society view it! Get your money mind right!

Okay, enough of the g-mogul sage-isms, someitmes I do get carried away 🙂 Anyhoo, just the facts in regards to former congressman Jessie Jackson Jr. On Wednesday, Feburary 20th, Mr. Jackson, along with his wife, Sandi Jackson (also accused) family members and his Crisis Management Counselor, appeared before the courts in Washington, enter a guilty plea for misuse of Campaign Funds. Jackson said ” I Am Guilty, Your Honor.”

When asked by the judge if he were essentially ‘alert’ enough, considering his Bi-polar diagnosis, to understand the charges against him and to enter such a plea, Jessie Jr’s responds, “Sir, I have never been more clear in my life for the opportunity to talk to you.” Okay, now, it’s all good that dude wants to make things right and all, but, what happened to a simple “yes” or “no” here? We all know the man has to pay retribution for destroying the governmental oath, mistrust of his Chicago supporters and wronging the country, but, brevity works. just sayin’

For all of you keeping up with the events of Mr. Jackson’s guilty plea, you know his confessions didn’t end there. He admitted to years of misuse of funds for personal reasons, reportedly, to the tune of a quarter of a million dollars. Sandi Jackson also entered her guilty plea for Tax Fraud. She handled the monies and will surely be found guilty as well. The judge might go easy on her, considering she is a mother of two little children. The Jacksons got caught up in Chicago, like former Governors, Rod Blagojevich and George Ryan. For great insights in Chicago Politics, pick up the book, BACKSTABBERS; The Reality Of Politics by a Chicago Democratic Senator, Rickey Hendon. Yours truly did a review of the book in 2010- had a congresswoman emailing me for access to book-pinky swear.

Finally, when asked what he wanted to say to all of his Chicago supporters, Jessie Jr. replies:
“Tell them I’m sorry I let them down.”