Whoopi Goldberg Celebrates A Birthday, A Few Favorite Things and A Legacy Award

Happy December, my peeps! So, here’s the rub. Whoopi Goldberg celebrated a birthday last month on The View by sharing some of her favorite things with us. Because I had already listed Oprah Winfrey’s catalogue of her 100 plus favorite things for Christmas, the g-mogul need to make amends. I see a lot of y’all came looking in November, expecting a few of Whoopi’s favorite things. I always aim to please my audience, cause I heart y’all for riding with the g-mogul.That’s why the gurl got ya covered todaaaaay!

Before I share Whoopi’s fav birthday listings, I think it’s worth a congrats to Ms. Goldberg for being awarded the Elizabeth Taylor’s Legacy Award for her longtime work as an AIDS advocate. Whoopi received the award Thursday,on World AIDS Day. Clueless that she was about to receive the award from four of Elizabeth Taylor’s grandchildren, she was asked a lead in question by one of the View’s co-hosts, causing her to reflect upon events leading up to getting a call from the fabulous, diamond studded, late movie star and Aids activist.

Whoopi said she got the call from Ms.Taylor, asking her for a favor.The actress told Whoopi she didn’t have to do it if she didn’t want to. Whoopi was like, Elizabeth Taylor, of course, she’d do whatever. Like who would say no to Elizabeth! Thus, Whoopi Goldberg, already a voice in the fight against Aids in the 80s joined forces with other celebs who rally-ed with Elizabeth Taylor to raise awareness and funds for the Aids epidemic

Elizabeth Taylor became an activist in the fight against Aids in the 80s because no one knew what or why people were dying from this disease. When her best friend and fellow celebrity, actor Rock Hudson died from the disease, it propelled Elizabeth Taylor to get involved and ultimately dedicate the remainder of her life to bringing awareness in hopes of finding a cure.This tidbit was taken from the vault of yours truly celeb memory Rolodex.The news that Rock Hudson had died of the disease wasn’t as shocking, considering his appearance before his death. He was acting on Dynasty and even kissed actress Linda Evans, who reportedly was afraid she had caught the disease!

Video of Whoopi getting surprise award on The View:

Happy 61st birthday Whoopi Goldberg! A few of the Whoops favorite things:

1. The little free library at littlefreelibrary.org

2. Tattoo Ink are box tattoos that are not permanent at getinkbox.com

3. Tickle Water. com for kids have no artificial sweeteners and Sugarfina Candy at sugarfina.com. The green apple frogs are Whoopi’s favorite.

4. Warther Cutlery Knives are deigned for comfort and durability.http://warthercutlery.com/

5. Genesis Champagne & Wine Preservers,for the alcohol(ics) in you:) “Bartender,’nother round for the holidays!”

6. And the last item on Whoopi’s favorite things list?(drum-roll) Of course, those darn ugliest design sweaters of hers. You can find them at Lord & Taylor’s for around $40

Okay, dropping the mike on y’all. Happy Holidays!




Whoopi Goldberg’s Favorite Things For 2014


Now that the last two remaining women of The View have said their good-byes-that would be Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy, it’s just Whoopi Goldberg and some of her favorite things! Don’t be too sad for the Whoop though, because Rosie O’Donnell will be coming back to claim her seat on the view panel.The g-mogul is waiting like the rest of y’all to see how it all plays out. Whoopi will still be the moderator, but who knows how that’s gonna flow with her friend Rosie unfiltered speak. just sayin’

If you all didn’t catch Whoopi introducing some of her favorite things on the show Wednesday- this tea maven got ya covered (too much of the Wendy-isms,I know) but I can’t seem to reel it in:) Without farther ado, here are some of your gurl, Whoopi’s favorite things:

th grout

The Grout-Gator cleans floors, kitchen and bathroom tiles and can be found at http://www.groutgator.com. Price for the starter kit is $29.95 and $11.95 for additional 4-pack brushes.

Kit2_11_crop lint

Gleener is a lint remover or as Whoopi likes to call it, a remover of “sweater balls” The Gleener is made of merino wool and attached to a lint brush to get rid of fuzz on your clothes. The price is $19.99 and can be found at gleener.com


Parents must teach their children good oral hygiene from an early age! I’m so anal about this one. Anyho, these toothbrushes come from goodmouth.com and you can have them delivered routinely every 2 to 3 months and for every purchase y’all make goodmouth donates these brushes to dental care and good oral hygiene to someone in need awesome good deed goodmouth! The brushes cost $4.95

img-sachet deodorizer

Ever Bamboo. com rids your home of that dank, musty smells that a lot of homes have. Remember those Moth balls? Yea, those. Don’t knock em till you try em, anyhew, that was my childhood. But, I digress. The price at everbamboo.com for these deodorizers and dehumidifiers starts at $9.99. Hmm, wonder if they smell better than Fe breeze?


Bamboosa.com carries a line of baby clothes and adult clothing as well. Whoopi was focused on the line of baby clothing cause she is a new great grandma. These baby clothes are said to be UV protected, keeps babies temperature regulated, and are made from natural bamboo, without dyes or bleach. Check them all out at bamboosa.com. The baby clothes might start at $10.00, but some are more expensive.


Next up is BeantownBedding.com, disposable linens that makes it easy to use nad discard without the hassle of doing laundry. These free linens are, according to Whoopi “My absolute favorite. The best!” and there you have it people. If you love to travel, have children you’re sending off to collage or just lazy, these are yours for $11.99 and upwards of $34.99. These make great purchases by hospitals and assisted senior living or at home caregivers.


And last on the list of some of Whoopi’s favorite things? Vamplets. I don’t know what the world is coming to, people. These things take the cake! Whoopi is somewhere bordering on cray-cray cause there were like only two cute-ish ones in the bunch; the rest were ugly, menacing and damn scary. What! Would you give these to your kids?

Anyho, if you’re feelin’ these? go to vamplets.com and make your purchase for $18.95 to $24.95 and be prepared to creep out on vampire ghost doll and other toys and books. Thank you very much Whoop, but I’ll stick with horror movies, doncha know.

All the world’s a stage and I’m out. Until next time y’all can


Sherri Shepherd Finds Her ‘Voice’ After Backlash of Dismissive Tweets

th sherri s

I just have to give props to Sherri Shepherd who left Chicago to do better and land gigs that would just feed her son! And this was before her second marriage or before the world knew about Sherri Shepherd’s cheating first husband or the private pain of losing the second half to son Jeffery’s twin birth. Sherri Shepherd is a comedian. before there were the television sitcom shows and The View and Dancing With The Stars, Sherri was doing stand-up at nondescript venues.

Now that she is a regular co-host on The View, Sherri is getting the eye of scrutiny placed upon her by opinionated viewers who are well versed in the world of social media. When Sherri said that the world was flat, many people took to twitter in dismay, but, just as many supported her new venture in television talk and could understand her nervousness about the show and as Sherri later said in interviews, she was also experiencing personal troubles and don’t we all?

Recently, after Wendy Williams broke down on her own show while discussing her angst over her 13 year old son’s attitude toward her; preferring to hang out with his dad, refusing to pick up after himself, etc, Wendy Williams was invited on The View to talk and share the teas about her on set tear down. Wouldn’t you know, people took to twitter to praise Wendy for not taking crap from Barbara Walters and her seemingly insinuations that something was wrong in Wendy’s mother/son relationship.

If y’all missed it, just go to the clip of the day at The View featuring Wendy Williams.The blogs had a field day talking about Wendy putting it down on Barbara and that Whoopi & Sherri didn’t say much in the segment as speculating that Whoopi was either angry with Barbara for her behavior or with Wendy for talking too loud and too much. I say which one is it people? just sayin.’

Anyhew ,there were a lot of ‘ugly’ digs at 84 year old Walters, with the majority of folks calling for her to sit down at home or go on an extended vacay somewhere. I have mad respect for the long time Journalist and TV personality, and frankly she makes me tired just looking at her 🙂 What?! Y’all know Barbara need to enjoy the remainder of her life doing absolutely nothing but being Barbara in luxurious contentment. It’s totally nonsense to work your buns off until you’re past eighty, only to die tomorrow! Life is totally not promised, but to hasten it? Reality sucks, people. But, then there’s the other side ” a body at rest tends to stay at rest?” Naw, she needs to lie down.

Okay, back to Sherri Shepherd. The blogs tore into Sherri for not having a backbone and not standing up to Barbara. Folks are saying that whenever Sherri starts to talk or respond, she never gets her point across because Barbara holds up her hand to silence Sherri and Sherri obeys:) People need to quit, I tell ya.

Just today, Sherri did indeed hold her own. She sparred word for word with Ms. Walters in regards to Woody Allen’s alleged penchant for little girls and his adopted daughter accusing him of sexual abuse when she was only 7 years old. Barbara defended Woody Allen, calling him and wife, Soon Yi (his former stepdaughter) wonderful parents to their little girls-hmm

Sherri Shepherd fired back that Woody Allen had sex with and married his step daughter. She also said he dated 17 year old and liked young girls. Of course the heat was on and the show went to commercial. When the show returned, Barbara Walters had the last say on the subject, reminding folks that Woody Allen had been investigated when first accused back in the day and NO evidence was found that he was abusing his daughter.

And now you people on social media, the blogs etc can stop taking digs at Sherri Shepherd. She definitely found her voice and stepped up to the plate of speaking her truths. I wonder if it’s because Sherri Shepherd is her own force to be reckoned with these days? A visionary woman of books, talk shows, dating game shows, television and movies and even a wig line. Gotta own your voice when you’re running in the circle of the “big dogs” doncha know?


Whoopi Celebrates Birthday On The View With Her Favorite Things


Okay people, so this doesn’t mean the G-mogul is officially back on the scene and this sure ain’t my computer-just sayin’
I’m missing letting y’all in on the latest teas though and judging from how my blog been blowing up lately with over 400 of y’all wanting to get the real from the real:) thought I’d better put in a quick holla!

But, before I go any further, let me just give a big shout out to FAMILY. Lord these folks who are my folks have my back and I’m thankful and grateful for my true blood brothers & sisters… love y’all-)

Okay, on to why folks been blowing up the “t” blog aka clara54. It’s cause they want to know about a few of Whoopi Goldberg’s favorite things or thangs if you wanna put some slang in it. Anyhew, Whoopi celebrated her birthday on The View November 13th by jamming on stage with one of her fav bands- The Rascals. She played the Tambourine.

But, y’all want the goods on a few of her favorite things, doncha? Okay then:

Portable Changing Station can be found at Aviilo.com -will run you about $59 to$119
Spence Shoes at Spence.com and costs 69.99 and up;somebody ship the g-mogul a pair. just sayin’
Base Egg at baseegg.com- okie dokey- $99:95
The Confessional.com cheese cake(homemade) ships anywhere
Raven eve jewelry at raveneve.com costs about $15
Kiwi crate.com for kids subscription based activity
Sodastream.com turns water to soda AND the big Whoopi ticket item ?
Infiniti Pro Secret by Conair Curl (curling iron) can be purchased at curlsecret.com at $89.00 and this sucka uses an automatic curl chamber 🙂 Let me know how that works for ya, cause I’m a locd type of gurl- just sayin’

Anyhew, here’s what all the traffic been about at the tea blog- don’t ever say the g-mogul don’t care bout bringin’ the teas, even when she’s been MIA. jst sayin’


Elizabeth Hasselbeck Says Good-Bye To The View!

th e view

To be clear, there were no actual tears shed for Elizabeth Hasselbeck as she made her announcement on The View that she was leaving the show. Although Barbara Walters walked the co-host onto the view set and appeared slightly teary-eyed, when Hasselbeck was making the announcement/good-bye speech on her last day, the overall consensus from her cohorts and audience seemed muted and relieved?

Sherri Shepherd, who was absent from the show today, tweeted out” love you too, my sis in Christ- whose hands will I hold under the table? Who will I pray with?” while the other women listened to Elizabeth’s summation on how she felt about each of them. She said to Barbara Walters, she learned how to be a journalist who felt confident enough in interviewing everyone, including the president, due to having honed her journalistic skills 101 from sitting at the View table with her.

She respected Joy Behar’s professionalism and candor; these two often butted heads in their political viewpoints. She told Whoopi Goldberg, how she felt that Whoopi was one of the most esteemed actors on the planet ( basically) and respected her a great deal. To Sherri, who Hasselbeck admitted to having spoken on the phone with the night before, she said they’d be hugging for three days when she saw her.

Joy Behar joked, “Won’t you be a fish out of water there?” alluding to Hasselbeck’s move to work at Fox & Friends on Fox Television. Joy, who is leaving the show as well, congratulated Elizabeth, telling her she was glad to see, “you’re moving into a great job.” Whoopi referred to Hasselbeck as “The Cat’s Meow” and ended by saying, “May we both continue to grow.”

Barbara Walters, feigning tears (What!?!) had this to say. “You always brought a fresh voice to the show and stood by your opinions even when it wasn’t an easy thing to do. You will be leaving a big void at the table, but, we won’t be filling it anytime soon.”Barbara tells viewers NOT to send a barrage of emails about filling Hasselbeck’s position!


So, Elizabeth Hasselbeck came up from a finalist on Survivor in 2001, to become a co-host at The View, where she became famous for her conservative views and battles with the other co-hosts. She has published 2 books on Gluten Free meals and served as an ABC contributor to Good Morning America. She’s rich, doncha know? Elizabeht Hasselbeck is doing just fine and will go on to “enjoy the view” at the table of Fox & Friends!

Whoopi Goldberg Shoes!

th whoopie shoe closet

So I woke up in a good mood this morning and didn’t want to think about the loss of Dr. Joyce Brothers at the young age of 85 or that Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy, although we wish her well. Nor, did I feel up to the dish on Barbara Walters retiring in 2014 or how NeNe Leakes is feelings about the cancellation of her show, The New Normal. I want to have some Springtime fun and share teas on Whoopi Goldberg and those outrageous shoes of hers…don’t you!

I’ve been a fan of the ‘whoop’ ever since I caught her on stage, wearing a big white towel on her head, pretending she was some white girl from California- hilarious:) and naturally caught her show when she came out a few years ago to do standup at an Indiana venue. Whoopi, for the most part, hasn’t given this g-mogul any ugly vibes to dish about…I did say for the most part?


When Whoopi & Ted Danson got together while making the movie, Made In America with Nia Long and Will Smith, It was all good (sans his very personal & costly divorce ) Then, stuff hit the fan, people. Ted Danson & Whoopi Goldberg shows up to a Friar’s Club Comedy Roast, with Ted in ‘blackface” and sprouting the “N” word! Now, as a southern black women? That was not funny, no way, no how!!! But, we live and we learn. Ted went on to marry Mary Steenburgen and Whoopi hooked up with the actor Frank Langella for a bit… Whoopi seemingly is back in a good place, with some dang “ugly” weird looking expensive shoes (for the most part) to share for it…oh, please… I’m all for artful expression, but, some of those shoes are hideous!

thgum shoe

Take the “gum” shoe. Whoopi told us we couldn’t afford this shoe last week on The View. She wore a different show everyday to kick off her birthday celebration. The sneakers were a tad more appealing to the eye. So, my g-mogul snoop radar priced a pair of high-top tennis shoes online at Ebay for $99 or best asking price. Whoopi has amassed a fortune selling stuff, like most celebrities. I suppose it depends on how bad y’all want it. Just sayin’

th yellow shoes

So, would y’all purchase a “whoopi ” shoe?


Is Joy Behar Leaving The View?

thCABWLCE2 the view

That seems to be the million dollar question. According to Extra TV reports on Thursday, the talk show veteran and stand up comedian, told Deadline.com she won’t be renewing her contract in August. Although, Joy Behar, hasn’t made an official announcement as of this post, to the viewers of The View, she is reportedly saying after 16 years on the popular talk show, she is no longer interested in doing the show and wants to pursue other things, including more talk show, stand up and she’s even writing a play.Of course, Joy Behar at 70 years old, according to Extra, will miss her longtime friend and co-producer of The View, veteran newswoman, Barbara Wlaters, whom Behar credits with the reason behind her coming to join the ladies on the view couch.

Another big question will be, “Who will fill the seat vacated by Joy Behar?” One thing for certain, the women remaining will be sorely disappinted to lose their sparring partner (Whoopie) and whomever gets to replace her, will need to bring their A game. But, then, people,we know how women are.. I mean we are Allowedto change our minds at any given time. just saying. Don’t hate fellas, it’s in our DNA!

Change can be a difficut thing ( Iknow this) but, it also can be a great and empowering thing ( I know this!) and whatever the 70 year old Joy Behar decides for the remainder of her years, it’s going to be the best decision for her:) Okay, y’all, we know Bill O’Reilly is just chomping at the bit- factoring in how “One’s down and one to go!” oh, shush, y’all know I’m keeping it real at the “T” blog…

So who’s with me here when I predict the replacement for Joy Behar could very well be a dude? or he could just look like a lady 🙂