Clara Freeman

In high school I was that teen with only a handful of friends, but I was privy to everyone’s undercover secrets, including faculty. You see, oftentimes,shy means you’re not seen or viewed as a :threat. I was quiet but “brainy.” In my senior year I was asked by the school’s editor to pen a column for our newspaper. I didn’t hold back. I spilled every secret and then some…Needless to say, my column caused quite an uproar! I’ve stayed mum on being that girl with the pen, until 🙂

Caution: Words are like bullets, use them wisely and only write the facts. Don’t spill the most sensitive teas that wounds another, but do dish on the juicy stuff!

I am a former nurse, turned freelance writer, lifestyle strategist,author and huffing-ton post contributor . I have 3 blogs. This is where I post for the celeb curious. In 2007, I landed my first paying gig as a ghostwriter for a gossip magazine in Las Vegas, but ultimately resigned from frustration of not getting credit for my work. In 2013 my original blog, Clara54’s Writers Blog was revamped in continuation of posts on freelance writing, provides book publishing news, offer writers  resources on where to place their works and also keep readers updated on my personal writing hits & misses.

An advocate for women, children and the elderly, my business website is Authentic Woman @ where I offer motivational & coaching sessions for women on a journey to rediscovering their passion and purpose and invite authentic women stories to inspire and empower the voice in others.

I’ve been a Nurse Advice Columnist, A Features Newspaper Journalist, A Chicago Women’s Columnist, A Celebrity Ghostwriter, an American Correspondent for an entertainment website in London, a published poet and motivational author. My new book, Unleash Your Pearls Empowering Women’s Voices is currently at the publisher pending a release date.

I am a member of National Association Women on the Rise, The Writers Digest Community and I have a vested interest in The Chicago Foundation for Women and Girls.

I’m a gossip mogul from the old school and if you want me to write for you, know that I don’t bring knives, shivs or pitchforks to my brand of entertainment and what you see is what you get! Feel free to contact me via my email address

If you’d like to know more about me, pick up a copy of my e-book ‘A Life Toward Authenticity: My Authentic Woman Story at my author’s page here: or Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook selections.






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