Memorial Day Farewells

TGIF g-moguls! I encourage and join with all of you in taking a moment to appreciate those brave men and women who have fought and died for America’s safety, then and now, and to remember the families left behind! Thank you America’s soldiers for all you continue to do.

So, this post is about saying good-bye, of sorts. Folks learned that Phaedra Parks was fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta in April because she, allegedly spread malicious rumors that Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd, planned to drug and kidnap fellow housewife Portia Williams for a sexual escapade…

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA — “Reunion” — Pictured: (l-r) Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss, Andy Cohen, Phaedra Parks, Porsha Williams, Sheree Whitfield — (Photo by: Annette Brown/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank)

Now, according to reports, this was a blatant lie told outright to Portia by her best bud on the show, Phaedra, and because Portia trusted the words of her bestie, she repeated this info to Kandi, who went ballistic ( putting that mildly) and feared that her reputation would be damaged. Thus, she brought cease and desist charges against Portia.

The RHOA reunion revealed Phaedra, who stayed mum through all of this heated drama between Portia and Kandi on the show, was the real culprit. After the dust settled a bit, reportedly, Portia and Phaedra are not friends anymore, Ms. Parks alluded that one of the producers had told her this story and she merely repeated it. That allegation was quickly shutdown by Andy Cohen, bravo’s mega millionaire producer and founder of the Bravo franchise. This g-mogul sorta had a soft spot for the lawyer and often talked through the phone at her to speak up when the other women went after her. Good-bye Phaedra , keep your wits about you and remember gurl…” you a lawyer”!

It was news to lil ol me that Tracey Edmonds, ex-wife of the ultra sexy sounding Babyface, and part of Extratv trio of entertainment correspondents (Mario Lopez being the front man) would be existing the popular gossip show in June. Ms. Edmonds posted about her departure on social media, thanking the show/crew and all of her adoring fans for her time at Extra. She was only with the show three years, amid speculation that some folks behind the scenes, initially didn’t want her on the program. They voiced concern about Tracey’s lack of experience in television and her ability to carry the show… well, bye Felicia, whoever y’all are. (insert head roll) I think Ms. Tracey did an excellent job.

Of course, we don’t know the real tea, but something seemed a bit remiss, when the sistah wasn’t showing up in the headlining promos with those other two. Did y’all peep that? Good luck with your new venture on wellness and such, Tracey Edmonds. If you need an expert on the inner working of human nature, I’m your go-to. Just sayin.:)

Y’all know how the g-maven been hanging with those Supernatural boys since its inception on the CW? Well, going into their 13th season this fall, Sam and Dean won’t have Crowley to have their backs anymore, as the quirky supernatural demon has left the building, leaving plenty of fans crying,”Oh, hell no!” It’s reported by hell’s demon that he’s moving on.

Mark Sheppard tweeted that he had no plans on returning to Supernatural and that, my peeps seems to be that. All this g-mogul can say is you do you, fella, cause life is too short. No pun intended, y’all. I loved me some Crowley. Any hew,  just as Nicole Beharie left Sleepy Hollow, one of my fave shows, btw, methinks this might be a case of mistreatment in some form or another or dude could be bored. Anyhow, just g-mogul views people:)

And the last person of interest to take their leave will be yours truly. Okay, so, I’m not saying I’m famous or anything but I’ve had a pretty good run, writing about celebrity and all of this craziness that kept my readers enthralled and curious for 10 years. In some instances she even got the coins. Well, no more fluff, at least for now. I’m taking an indefinite leave from the blogs in order to get focus on my priorities and do meaningful work. You know that work that really matters in the world.

In the meantime, if you’d like to own a copy of the g-mogul’s latest book, championing the woman voice, do pick up your signed copy of Unleash Your Pearls, available now! Hit me up at the book’s email and let’s do the thing!

It’s been real exposing the real. Have a great Memorial Day, my peeps. Stay safe.


Clara B. Freeman aka celebrity g-mogul.





Lamar Odom Commentary: When The World Prayed


There are documented cases where people share their near death experiences, often referred to as out- of- body experiences. Many of these people say they hear God speak or that they find themselves walking into the white or bright light leading to heaven’s door. I wonder about Lamar Odom’s near death experience. Did he see God? Did his whole life flash before his eyes? Perhaps we’ll never know. What I know for sure is that the world grieved, prayed and asked God to save this man after a near fatal drug overdose. We didn’t judge. Instead, we prayed for his life, through his comatose state, his organ failures and his altered mental status. We prayed and although there are reports that he’s still limited in certain physical and mental capacities, a team of doctors guided by God’s invisible hand helped restore Lamar Odom to the extent that he can walk, talk and smile again.


Lamar Odom was given a second chance at life. He was one of the lucky ones and as the world got to see him slowly improve; fans, friends and family of Lamar Odom thanked the good lord for bringing Lamar back. Irregardless of the obtuse act he committed against himself, the pain and suffering he caused to his loved ones and the fear that he might not make it shared by the world, we all were rooting for Lamar Odom. The latest reports about Lamar doesn’t sound good. Lamar is reportedly drinking again and thinks he can handle it. Lamar Odom is a human being in pain and an addict in denial. An addict with all the resources he needs at his disposal to get the treatment he needs to stay clean and sober and free from drugs.


Lamar is allegedly telling friends and family that he doesn’t need treatment for his addiction, but he is willing to continue his physical therapies. In my humble opinion, Lamar Odom is very, very, lucky to be alive. Sadly, Lamar ill informed if he thinks he can have just one drink. His addictive personality won’t allow it. Lamar Odom needs to do the work he must do to live and become the great man he can be. If he doesn’t do it for himself, then, do it for his children.


Lamar, the world wept, prayed and had conversations with the man upstairs when we thought you might not make it. We prayed then and I suppose we’ll keep praying for you, like humanity calls for us to do, but you’re not doing your part. You have to wake up Lamar and be accountable~ there are little boys and girls wanting to play ball like you and they are watching from the sidelines. We prayed for you when you were knocking on death’s door, Lamar Odom and we’ll keep praying for you, even when we just want to knock some sense into that beautiful bald head of yours!! Get the help you need and thank the good lord every single day for giving you another change to get your life right.


Alright, what y’all think about Lamar Odom drinking again? Should we be worried he’ll start the drugs? Tell me what you really think in the comments and I’ll get back with ya next month.




Why Kim Fields Is A RHOA Class Act

Good Morning G-Moguls! This post was scheduled a week ago and put on hold after hearing about the sudden passing of Angela “Big Ang” Raiola of Mob Wives on Thursday Feb 18th. In my humble g-maven opinion, Big Ang made that show! She was a peacemaker. Angela Raiola’s last appearance was on Dr. Oz where she spoke to her fans about her 4 decade old cigarette habit, her cancer diagnosis and doctors 30% prediction at life prognosis. My condolences to her family.

images ang

I Hope all of y’all had a lovely and loving Valentine’s Day and for the kiddies, it was a great time being out of school on President’s Day.Yay! Anyhew, it’s all love. So, here I go regressing to my same ole Real Housewives of Atlanta watching. I mean these women are behaving in the most ratchet way ~ seems like they’re running neck & neck with the cutthroat ratchets of Reality TV’s cast of Love & Hip Hop.

Okay let’s just rewind to the reality of all of these shows. According to a Hollywood insider that I interviewed a while back, these shows have to bring the drama. No question that these reality stars are being coached on the sidelines by producers, with the understanding that if they want to stay relevant, keep holding that peach (RHOA), and pick up that hefty pay check, they had better keep bringing out the ugly, for viewers to keep watching.


And nobody brings the “ugly” more than Ms. Kenya Moore! Just sayin. For all of us thinking Kenya might chill now that she has a young 28 or 29-year-old stud as her Valentine, heck she should be calm, cool and satisfied, right? NOT! Kenya Moore is whining and acting so possessive, jealous and immature, in relation to her BFF status with ( a work in progress now that NENE is back) Cynthia Bailey. And she’s taken on an ugly stance against the newest member of the housewives, Ms. Kim Fields aka Tootie on the long running Facts of Life television show and as one of the roommates, Regime, on Living Single. The woman has a glowing body of work that makes Kenya Moore twirl with jealousy and envy.

paw_3650-xl kim

Although Kenya can’t seem to contain her dislike of Kim Fields, the other women at least pretend to like her. It’s only when Kim isn’t around that the others might cackle and grin behind her back. Phony & inauthentic behavior, ladies! I was really in agreement with Sheree Whitfield when she spilled the beans to a clueless Kim Fields. Lots of folks are having their say about Kim being on the show.  Even celebs weigh in and feel like she can’t handle the women. Actor Jerry O’Connell, in response to a question asked by Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, thinks Kim didn’t know how ‘vicious’ the women on the show could be. I personally feel Kim  have got to throw a little shade when dealing with those wenches- come on, people, a little shade never hurt nobody!

I applaud Kim Fields for bringing a bit of “real” to RHOA and for letting the women see how a for real lady carries herself in the face of backstabbing, haters, instigators and green-eyed monsters~ Kenya “twirl” Moore.

Okay, that’s a wrap, people. I have more irons in the fire, so enjoy your weekend and tune in next month for more from Clara’s celebrity teas, given the only way yours truly dish it, with truth & flavor:)


James Arness And “GunSmoke” Trivia

th gunsmoke

Okay, so I was in conversation with some age related peeps who are relevant to this post and we began reminiscing about how they just don’t make movies and television shows like they used to back in the day (op-ed) when our parents were young and we were growing up.

I know those were the days my friend. lol. Anyhew, the subject of Westerns came up, along with our sharing our favorite series. Some of our favorite ride ’em up cowboys came to mind that hadn’t been thought of in years, along with a few juicy tidbits about these larger than life characters that many folks just wasn’t made aware of. I mean who knew that Ms. Kitty smoked like a chimney in real life?!

Well, considering how long ago these Westerns came into play, I thought why not give a shout out to some of the best viewing in television history and bring awareness to the young folks? But, don’t be fooled, some of these ‘cowboy’ insights this g-mogul never knew until I’d done my research. Since there were so many Westerns made during the 50s and 60s during the wild west era, I’ve decided to do a series of sorts on some of my favorites, starting with James Arness and “GUNSMOKE.”

James Arness was Marshal Dillon for 20 years in the popular Western series, Gunsmoke where he played the amicable but serious sheriff who kept the town of Dodge in Kansas safe, along with his supposed love interest, Ms. Kitty, the proprietor of the Long Branch Saloon. Hmm, it always seemed strange that the two characters never kissed. Now I have a credible theory on that one- to be shared in a later post. 🙂

Well, James Arness was recommended for the role of his lifetime and, a role he couldn’t shake, by none other than John Wayne who reportedly turned down the role and became instrumental in getting Arness the job. The 6’6″ actor and brother of Peter Graves, also an actor, is said to have threatened many times to quit Gunsmoke, but each time was given a bigger salary and share in the residuals. He was married twice and the father of three, along with an adopted son from one of his marriages. The actor’s daughter committed suicide in 1975 and a son passed in 2004.

James Arness said about writing his autobiography in 2001,”If I was going to write a book…I’d better do it cause I’m not getting any younger. He also wrote in a letter read after his death.

“I had a wonderful life and was blessed with many loving people and great friends.”

More Trivia:
James Arness served in World War 11 and was severely wounded in the right leg and foot, thus the reason for slight limp.

His last ride as Matt Dillon was in the 1992 release of Gunsmoke: One Man’s Justice.
He had poor eyesight and died of natural causes.
In 1996 TV Guide ranked James Arness # 20 in its 50 Greatest Tv stars of all times. The actor won numerous awards and acted in several series during his lifetime.

How many of y’all remember Gunsmoke? Who was your favorite character? Beside Matt Dillon, I sorta liked ole Festus. Just sayin’

Anyhew, my next post will be about Ken Curtis aka Festus and boy have I got something to tell y’all 🙂


NeNe Leakes: ‘All Women Should Have A Prenup’

6d24a7f5-5610-36f1-b464-a3cbe48dab7d WEDDING

NeNe Leakes is warning people to not get it twisted.”No one makes love to me better than Gregg.” Asking her ex husband and now, new husband Gregg to sign a prenup is just smart business. She tells Andy Cohen on last night’s Watch What Happens Live ( guest with Paula Patton) that it’s nothing personal. She tells everyone Gregg is the love of her life, but, it’s smart business and that every woman should get a prenup.

When asked by a caller if she would have signed a prenup when they first married, the reality star/actress quipped “NO’ and went on to say how things have changed since then. Read between the lines people! What’s love got to do with it? NeNe Leakes is the highest paid Reality Star for the Housewives franchise. She has broken into the mainstream of Hollywood celebrity with her breakout recurring spots on Glee and the now defunct sitcom, The New Normal. NeNe Leakes worked hard for the money and she deserves to protect her assets. just sayin’


I Dream Of NENE: The Wedding premiered on Tuesday night as well. There was a bit of drama when Nene and Gregg had a visit with a marriage counselor to get Gregg to face his daddy issues with his five adult children from a first marriage- Gregg got a bit testy & disrespectful with the professional, but, dude never lost his cool.

Next week Nene Leakes confronts Gregg’s adult children! I’m scared for the girl:)

How many of y’all think NeNe should have made Gregg sign a prenup? Speak now…