“T” Blogs On Oprah’s Thrusday Show

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To warmer days on the horizon! So let’s get this post blizzard gossip stuff started by taking a stroll over to what’s jmping off at the big “O” show today: Seems Oprah had some ole time big names with the likes of Bo Derek,  M.C. Hammer and Pam (Foxy) Grier. Does anyone remember that Pam Grier is related to the former big guy, Rosie Grier? Just checking out your trivia skills…

Bo Derek became famous for the movie “10” with Dudley Moore, wearing cornrows that mothers of little black girls actually created, and for taking late husband John from his wife, Linda Evans back in the day. It wasn’t a mind blowing interview, but seeing Bo at home on the range with John Corbett, an actor and the man in her life for 9 years was pleasant enough.

 M. C. Hammer (Can’t Touch This!) was a pleasant surprise. The man is a media mogul! After losing all of his 33 million dollar assets from his Hammer Days, Mr Hammer has a record label. Develops Ipad investments and lectures at prestigeous colleges like Harvard, Oxford and Stanford. The man even performs marriages (of close friends)…I would say these times are the best of Hammer Times ! And to his credit M. C. Hammer  is still married to his wife of 25 years (Can’t touch this!)

Pam Grier talks about her abuse at 6 from various members of the family. Her sex symbol image. Her skills with guns, and dating Richard Pryor for 1 1/2  years . The most shocking thing this “T” mogul learned from watching Pam Grier’s interview? That she taught Richard Pryor to read… Awesome! I’d love to have a copy of Pam’s tell all book “My Life In Three Acts”. wouldn’t you guys?

Okay, on tomorrow’s Oprah,it’s all about those Legendary Supermodels:

Beverly Johnson

Cheryl Tiegs.

Elle Macpherson.

Christie Brinkley

Stephanie Seymour

Veronica Webb…

Holla back, eh?


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