Bonus Addition: Celebrity News And Views

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I’m going to clear my  g-mogul schedule of old news today people in order to make room for an exciting roundup of Fall “Ts”. So if you’ve read it somewhere before, or, heard it on the daytime talk? Whatever! Listen up y’all I won’t be doing this ‘old news” column anytime soon! Anyhoo, did you know that:

Meeka won’t be returning to Basketball Wives Miami? That Shaunie doesn’t really know the women of Basketball Wives LA and doesn’t really want to? That she doesn’t encourage the women behavious on the show? (Yea, right!)  How about this? Shaunie  is a cougar… admits to dating a 20 something young man- get it? Young … Ok, people, don’t hate! Rosie O’Donnell and Oprah recently unvieled Rosie’s name at Harpo Studios with a “formerly home of Oprah Winfrey Show” underneath?!  Why’d it have to say that, Oprah? Can’t you just allow Rosie to shine without the reminder? Just sayin’  

Charlie Sheen will be getting millions from his Two And A Half Men lawsuit! Charlie, you are “winning!” Ron Attest was the first to get kicked off DWTS (good) his behavior was buffonish!. Chaz Bono got rhythm! Okay, George Clooney’s ex, Elizabetta just cannot dance and nobody knows her body of work- ok, George does. Did Brad Pitt really say what he meant when he gave the impression that Jennifer Aniston was dull? Come on, people, doesn’t Jen appear a tad bit uninteresting? And don’t men need stimulation? Moving on-

Rosanne Barr was recently on Wendy Williams, along with Levi Johnston. I’m not going to say much about these two because, there’s sooo much I wanna say and very little space on this post to do it! Rosanne is nuts! I love her ambiance and yes, she admits to smoking medicinal pot. She also wants to run for president! See why she needs her personal space here? Levi Johnston: one of the most hated D list celebrities on the planet. Why? Could it be because he’s not paying child support at the moment? Could it be because he dares to tell the truth about the Palins? Could it be because he posed naked in Playgirl and the “girls” were disappointed!? Just sayin’ 

Patty Duke on Windy City Live admits to being bipolar. Rosanne Barr admits to being bipolar. Why don’t we all admit to being bipolar and get on with our lives. How bout that? Dang, I got so much old news to share.  Anyhoo. R.I.P Troy Davis. Sometimes justice can be so unjust:(



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